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Why Would You Get In Touch? We are OUTCASTS.



According to the dictionary, an outcast is defined as “a person who has been rejected or ostracised by their society or social group.” It doesn’t take much then to reason that OUTCASTS is an association of 2 or more individuals that have been rejected and ostracised by their social groups.

How Many People are There Behind OUTCASTS?

Well, we aren’t a multinational. We aren’t even an SME. There are only 2 of us; 2 pitiful individuals trying to find their footing in this world.

Is OUTCASTS a registered business?

Yes, it is. OUTCASTS is officially OUTCASTS PRIVATE LIMITED with UEN 202322433W.

What Services Do We Offer?

At the moment, we are unsure. There are a host of things we can do. We can write and publish a book for you, we can create a website for you, we can even design a standee. But we won’t offer them as services yet. We are still in the midst of defining ourselves, so taking action without a clear idea of where we are headed for is a really bad idea.

Why Incorporate a Business Then, When We Offer NO Service?

One of the 2 owners of OUTCASTS is in the process of publishing his own book. The book will be held by OUTCASTS.

How Can You Reach Out to Us?

Since we offer NO service, there is really no reason why you should even want to reach out to us. But in case you really want to, the contact form above this FAQ is the best option. We will reply when the stars align.

Do We Have a Physical Address?

Unfortunately, yes. We are located at 21 Woodlands Close. Our full address is below.

Are We Crazy?

We probably are. But that’s who we are. If you are ok with that, we can perhaps become friends.



UEN: 202322433W

Incorporated 8 June 2023

Business Activity 1

Office Support Activities

Business Activity 2

Retail Sale of Clothing for Adults


152 Beach Road #02-08

Mypostebox – 3027

Singapore 189721

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